Child Dolls

Our Child Dolls Bring Back Happy Memories

Looking for a unique selection of collectible baby dolls that are sure to win your heart? The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online is happy to help. Whether you have been an avid child doll collector for years, just starting, or looking to find a truly original doll gift, your search for exclusive child dolls is over. From collectible dolls that commemorate her first Holy Communion to a breast cancer support doll, and even a hockey-playing doll, you will be astonished at these masterpieces of exquisite craftsmanship. Each child doll showcases the work of some of today's top doll artists. Don't miss any of the collectible dolls that The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online has to offer.

Among doll collecting themes, child dolls offer each of us a unique artistic window to look back on childhood, either as we happily remember it or as we dreamed it might be. Sometimes collectible child dolls remind us of a place not only in our memories, but in the very "here and now" world that our children and grandchildren inhabit, complete with the clever and colorful outfits that kids wear today. Doll artists like Linda Rick have the gift of creating lifelike child dolls that are distinctly contemporary, and yet are timeless in their beautiful sculpting and costuming in soft neutral colors. No matter what it is about child dolls that delights you, our realistic child dolls will touch on the dreams that your "inner child" still treasures, to reveal a world of playful innocence and beauty with each new child doll you meet. Don't miss a single one of our exclusive child dolls here at The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online. Shop Now!

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