Plush Dolls Ready to Hold, Cuddle and Bring Comfort

Looking for plush dolls and collectible critters that are adorable, soft and ready to be part of your family? The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online is proud to bring you a unique selection of plush collectibles that are bound to make you smile. If you are still in touch with the child inside your grownup self, then it's likely you never lost your fondness for furry friends - not just real-life pets, but oh-so-huggable plush animals that never fail to bring a sense of contentment when you have them around. So maybe you've also noticed that stuffed animals aren't quite what they used to be. Nowadays, they are not only closer to real life in appearance but also in features.

Collectible plush animals have certainly not "gone to the dogs" at The Asthon-Drake Galleries Online. That's just the sound of our Perfect Petzzz sleeping plush puppies that actually "breathe" as they nap. If the thought of a cuddly, breathing stuffed dog makes you smile, you'll just have to see our wide selection of plush dogs, each just as appealing as a cute pup asleep on your lap. When it comes to cuddling, no category can beat teddy bears, and we have the ultimate feel-good experience for Elvis® fans. This Elvis teddy bear wears a famous Vegas concert jumpsuit and poses with a microphone, but he's really an old softie who just wants to "be your teddy bear". When it comes to stuffed animals, just make a "soft landing" at The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online for the most appealing choices and pettable plush gifts. Shop Now!

by Collectibles Today®
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