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Cultural Dolls
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Cultural Dolls Reveal a World of Diversity We Can Share

Are you prepared to span the globe in a celebration of international proportions? Our unique cultural dolls can take you there. Ashton-Drake is proud to present a unique selection of cultural dolls that delivers a message of unity and diversity. From recognized and beloved names like So Truly Real®, Tiny Miracles™ and more, our cultural dolls celebrate diversity, and you'll enjoy the dolls of many cultures that you'll find right here. With distinctive variations in skin tones and colorful ethnic costuming, there's always something new in collectible cultural dolls to be discovered here. Our African American dolls are created by leading artists to reflect many aspects of that culture, including Barack Obama dolls that honor the landmark election of the first African American to the Presidency. When exotic beauty is what you seek, Indian dolls like our stunning Hindu bride, bejeweled and dressed in red, will captivate you.

The strong family ties within the Hispanic culture are brought to light in a collection of authentically costumed Hispanic baby dolls that share gifts from their abuela (grandmother). To honor the Asian community, one of Ashton-Drakes's most celebrated artists, Dianna Effner, has created a portrait of her Chinese grandchild that's a real charmer at just 5 inches high. It's one of the most appealing Asian baby dolls you're likely to find anywhere. And if the deeply-rooted spirit of Native American culture attracts your interest, you'll be delighted with our wide choice of dolls and doll gifts inspired by the ancient ways of these first Americans. Our Native American-inspired dolls range from lifelike babies to stunningly costumed and posable young women, all alive with the colors, symbols and spiritual power of this revered culture to which we all owe so much. Don't miss a single one of the exclusive cultural dolls that Ashton-Drake has to offer. Shop Now!