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Cultural Dolls
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Fall in Love with Our African-American Baby Dolls!

Through the years, many of Ashton-Drake's leading doll artists have been inspired to create African-American baby dolls that are unrivalled for their adorable appeal and lifelike qualities. Our African American baby dolls, come in sizes from 5 inches to 22 inches, with exceptional sculpting and carefully handcrafted details. You'll love their sweet expressions, beautifully tailored baby outfits and posing options that make them wonderful additions to the treasured baby dolls you already own. Find your favorites now, right here!

Don't Miss Our African-American Boy Doll with His Message of Hope

To celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the United States, Master Doll Artist Linda Murray created our exclusive African-American boy doll to bring the President's uplifting message of hope to you in an inspiring new way. From his alert expression to the custom-designed t-shirt he wears, this lovable African-American boy doll sends an optimistic message that all Americans can respond to. African-American boy dolls like this one will make very special additions to your own "family" of baby dolls.

Enjoy the Distinctive Beauty of an African-American Child Doll

As we celebrate the cultural diversity of our great nation, this cultural richness inspires many leading artists to create African-American child dolls that reflect the influences of many different times and places, from native African to lavish Victorian. Our African American child doll by Linda Rick is distinctively beautiful and contemporary, but with a hint of Victorian styling in her elegant costuming that will impress you. To find the most appealing African-American dolls available in the collecting world, you're already at the perfect spot to discover a new favorite. Shop Now!