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Bride Dolls to Celebrate Your Special Day

Ladies and gentlemen, you are cordially invited to join the wedding party at Ashton-Drake, the best destination for high-quality collectible dolls. Get swept away by the gorgeous wedding gowns custom-designed for our bride dolls or pay tribute to the glitz and glam of an upcoming wedding that is yours or someone you love. Each bride is sculpted and created by a Master Doll Artist and handcrafted by skilled artisans, whether you love our fashion-forward brides, or brides that are dressed in traditional, glamorous gowns, it is so much fun and easy to celebrate the heartwarming romance of a marriage ceremony with our gorgeous bride dolls.

On wedding day, the bride and groom vow to love and cherish each other forevermore. Now, capture that romantic moment with one of our collectible bride dolls in exquisite beauty in your own home. Our lovely bride dolls are expertly handcrafted with premium quality materials like fine bisque porcelain with attention to intricate detail that helps depict the true character of each doll. Some are even poseable, allowing you to move them in different positions to best display them for all to see!

Fashioned with expertly tailored dream dresses, each of our bride dolls pays homage to a beautiful theme or style. Take home a nod to the royal family with our Meghan Markle royal wedding inspired doll that commemorates her historic union in her iconic wedding gown. For a doll sculpted by skilled creative visionaries, we have bride dolls from award-winning Master Doll Artists like Cindy McClure or Sandra Bilotto - complete with stunning voluminous dress silhouettes, pale pink rose patterning, a Native American-style gown and much more. We promise superb handcraftsmanship with every divine detail in our highly revered doll artistry.

Each blushing bride doll captures the whirlwind romance of a loving wedding day. Ashton-Drake's dedication to creativity and artistic excellence can be seen by admiring each doll's specific features. Reimagine what a wedding looks like for different brides by collecting all the different newlyweds.

Celebrate the beginning of epic love stories or check out our wide selection of other pop culture dolls, adorable baby dolls and more. Let your dream wedding come to fruition in the form of a mesmerizing bridal doll. Here comes the bride! Shop Now!