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Fantasy & Fairy Dolls Take Your Imagination to Far-off Places

In the mood to be enchanted? A leader in the collectible dolls industry, Ashton-Drake offers a unique selection of exquisite lifelike baby dolls, child-safe baby dolls, fashion and pop culture dolls, and more. If you're ready to let your imagination take flight, the fantasy dolls and fairy dolls you find here can do just that! Be swept into the dreamy worlds of renowned fantasy artist Nene Thomas, or charmed by the wide-eyed fairies of fantasy artist Jasmine Becket Griffith. Love STAR TREK, FROZEN or Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas? You'll find amazing tributes to the beloved characters of these classic television shows and films at Ashton-Drake, perfectly capturing their unique personalities in amazing detail, from the Captain Kirk Figure who TALKS and plays music to the Sally Figure who sings "Sally's Song". Simply incredible!

Each fantasy doll and fairy doll we offer is exquisitely handcrafted and hand-painted to highlight their distinctive and fantastical features. Our fairy dolls boast exquisite costuming - billowing gowns, delicate wings, breathtaking accessories. Highlighting the magic of romance, you'll even find fairy bride dolls, ready to share an eternal promise to their one and only. It's sure to be love at first sight! We can transport you to the world of fantasy fairy dolls in the blink of an eye (and the click of a mouse!) to find exquisite fairy dolls that will excite you and delight you, so don't wait to discover yours. Shop Now!