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Fairies & Fantasy
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Your Fantasy Dolls Adventure Begins Here

Bold originality, enchanting magic and the mystery of undiscovered realms - this is the world inhabited by the collectible dolls available from Ashton-Drake. Working close with some of the most successful fantasy artists in the field, we are proud to offer you some of their most exciting work in premiere and limited editions that will astound you. Are you ready to begin your adventure?

Fantasy Dolls Are Limited Only by the Imagination

Let your imagination take wing with gorgeous flights of fancy, when our stunning fantasy dolls take your breath away with their delicate beauty and expert detailing. When you enter the realm of fairy dolls, be prepared for some surprises, since these winged creatures, sprung from the imaginations of such renowned fantasy artists as Nene Thomas and Jasmine Becket Griffith, are not always what they seem! Some are sweetly innocent children, but others are outfitted as winged warriors, as deadly as they are beautiful! If the dark drama of Goth culture intrigues you or someone you know, we have Goth gifts that will be prized for their edgy Goth costuming and refreshing contemporary flair. School girl dolls can also be more than you expect, especially when the student in question is Delilah Noir, preppy by day but a Goth club devotee by night, complete with wigs and exciting wardrobes to make her transformation complete.

Perhaps the greatest master of fantasy in our time is Disney, with spunky fairies like Tinker Bell and glamorous princesses who fill our dreams with romance. Our Disney princess dolls are as timeless as Cinderella and Snow White, or as modern as Princess Tiana in her bayou wedding gown. Our Tinker Bell dolls are a wonderful evocation of everyone's favorite pixie, loaded with attitude and authentic details plus sparkling wings. Another favorite fantasy tale gets a new twist when the art of Jasmine Becket Griffith inspires Wizard of Oz dolls like none you've ever seen. Whether our fantasy dolls are traveling the Yellow Brick Road or winging their way to mythical worlds unknown, they will never be considered "ordinary" by anyone's standards! Don't wait to discover all of the fantasy dolls, baby dolls and more that Ashton-Drake has to offer. Shop Now!

Fairies & Fantasy