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Sports Collectible Dolls That Will Win Your Heart

Baseball, football, or soccer, pro or collegiate, whatever sport you're into game day is always better when you've got somebody special to cheer with you! Well, it's time to meet our winning roster of sports baby dolls! You may know Ashton-Drake as the premiere source for collectible dolls by acclaimed doll artists, but did you know we're big sports fans too?

Okay, so let's say you are a Green Bay Packers Fan. What could possibly be worse than waiting for game day? Well, as the oh-so-expressive little fans of our Green Bay Packers #1 Fan Baby Doll Collection can attest, nothing! Just one look at their precious faces and you'll know the kickoff can't come soon enough! But first, the team's got to get in shape. Good thing The Green Bay Packers Coaching Teddy Bear is on the job, and when his isn't running the team through drills he's ready to help teach your child how to snap, buckle, Velcro, button, zipper, tie, say the ABCs and count. Oh, and how to cheer, "Go Packers!" Wait, you're a Broncos fan, and game day is finally here? You are definitely going to want to hang out with our Denver Broncos Tailgatin' Tots Baby Doll Collection by Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill. And how could you cheer on your Ohio Buckeyes without some help from Master Doll Artist Adrienne Brown's Buckeye Girls Have More Fun! Child Doll?

Game day or any day, this is where you'll find the most spirited, geared up, devoted sports baby dolls you've ever met. And there are plenty of other beautiful lifelike and amazing baby dolls to meet here too, who would all feel like they just won the World Championship of Everything if they could just come home with you! So hurry, Shop Now!