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Q: Caring for your collectibles

A: For most dolls, doll accessories and plush items, we recommend dusting with a clean duster, a soft cloth, a small, soft paintbrush or a makeup brush. Or use the spray designed for computer keyboards, which emits puffs of air to remove dirt and dust particles from small spaces. It is particularly important to dust within the fabric folds of costuming and fabric accessories.

Dolls made of hand-painted vinyl, artist's resin or porcelain may be cleaned with a mild soap-and-water solution, then rinsed with clear water and carefully dried by hand. In most cases it's advisable to remove doll costumes and accessories before cleaning the faces and limbs. However, if any part of the doll is decorated with simulated jewels, feathers, fabric or leather, these should be hand dusted only.

Plush or fabric items may be spot-cleaned on the surface. Never wash any of your doll costuming or fabric accessories in a washing machine. If it's necessary to clean unusually soiled or stained items, we recommend professional dry cleaning.

Avoid placing your dolls and other collectibles in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and always handle them with care. For vinyl dolls, avoid contact with pens or markers of any type, as these can leave permanent marks on the vinyl.

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Q: Styling your collectible baby doll's hair

A: You may need to gently style your baby doll's hair once you remove her from her packaging, and from time to time. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when styling her hair:

Helpful Tips:
To Avoid Damaging Your Doll's Hair:
  • Use a nylon bristle brush or comb purchased specifically for your doll
  • Start from the crown and gently brush in one direction towards the face or sides of the head. For the back of the head, brush in one direction from the crown down to the base of the neck
  • If combing it dry first doesn't yield desired results, lightly mist her hair with room-temperature water to dampen it and re-comb
  • Let her hair air dry
  • Never use a personal comb for your doll hair care due to the natural oils from your hair
  • Never yank or pull their hair when combing it; hand-rooted or applied hair is delicate and can break if not handled with care
  • Never use gels, mousses, or other haircare products
  • Never submerge your doll in water or get their hair wetter than slightly damp
  • Never use a heated curling iron, blow dryer or a straightener when caring for doll hair

For complete instructions on how to style your doll's hair, click here.

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Q: About limited editions

A: Many of the items featured throughout our Web site are issued in limited editions. Editions may be limited by:

  • An announced number of items
  • A specific closing date or
  • An announced period of production

Announced periods of production are often expressed in "firing days," "casting days," or "crafting days." The number of days used may or may not be consecutive.

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Q: What is artist's resin?

A: Artist's resin is a molding composition prized for its ability to capture intricate and lifelike detail. The time-intensive process for handcrafting a collectible from resin begins when a mold is created from an artist's original sculpture. A skilled artisan pours the liquid resin into the mold (a process called "cold cast" because the resin is not hot), which is then allowed to dry. The finished collectible is carefully removed from the mold, cleaned, and painted by hand.

Since artist's resin is a very delicate material, clean your collectibles made of this material with a soft, dry cloth, a small, soft paintbrush or makeup brush, or by using the spray designed for computer keyboards. Avoid placing your collectibles in direct sunlight and always handle them with care.

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Q: What is California Prop 65?

A: California Proposition 65 notice for lead crystal: To enhance optical clarity, some crystal products might contain lead, a chemical substance known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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