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Baby Dolls
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Enter the Magical Kingdom of Disney Dolls

If we had to choose just one word to describe our Disney baby dolls, it would have to be "magical." At Ashton-Drake we believe babies really are dreams come true, and our enchanting Disney baby dolls are specially created by Master Doll Artists to capture hearts with every miraculously lifelike detail.

You're sure to be spellbound by every one of these charmers! Each Disney doll we offer is breathtakingly lifelike, no matter their size - just take a look at the adorable miniature baby dolls of the Disney It's Off to Sleep We Go Baby Doll Collection by Master Doll Artist Cheryl Hill. As amazingly realistic as they are, each one is just 6" long.

Experience Spellbinding Charms of Handcrafted Disney Baby Dolls

Each of our gorgeous baby dolls is superbly handcrafted to preserve every nuance of the artist's original sculpture, using the highest quality materials including our exclusive RealTouch® vinyl skin, hand-applied baby soft hair,, and exquisitely tailored outfits. Our dolls are known to have beautifully hand-painted features, right down to the softest blush of their cheeks, making each doll's unique personality shine.

Our Disney dolls are no exceptions; you can see it in our You're My Pooh Bear Baby Doll by Waltraud Hanl, dressed in her sweet Winnie the Pooh artwork sleeper. And wait until you meet our Always Dreams Doll, as pretty as a picture in her tiny tiara and outfit inspired by Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty; turn a hidden key and she not only plays "Once Upon a Dream," she also wriggles just like a real dreaming baby.

So don't wait to bring the magic of Disney home with one of these darling baby dolls, or give one to someone special and make their dreams come true too. Just think of Ashton-Drake as your Fairy Godmother and Shop Now!