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Baby Dolls
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Newborn Baby Dolls Capture Life's First Moments

What is a newborn baby doll? At Ashton-Drake, it's a precious bundle of lifelike wonder for you to cradle and rock to your heart's content! As a leader in the world of collectible dolls, we are proud to bring you an unbeatable selection of true-to-new-life creations. Sculpted by Master Doll Artists like Linda Murray, Tasha Edelholm, Ping Lau, and Cheryl Hill, our newborn dolls radiate with realism. Each tiny wrinkle and chubby arm, every perfect fingernail and dimple is perfectly recreated, handcrafted in soft vinyl or supple silicone, and hand-painted to capture the warm blush of life.

Our newborn baby dolls are true collector's items, complete with custom-designed outfits and accessories like blankets, pacifiers, pillows and more. Whether you're looking for a baby boy, girl or even twins, you're sure to find the perfect doll collectible. Some are sleeping peacefully, while others are just waiting for your touch to activate their interactive features like "cooing," "breathing" and more. With such attention to detail, it's no wonder collectors are so in love our realistic infant dolls! Don't wait to bring one home to cherish. And keep us in mind when you're looking for a baby brother or sister - we're always adding new arrivals to our wide selection of baby dolls! Shop Now!