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Baby Dolls
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Breathing Baby Dolls that Steal Hearts with Every Breath

Watching a sleeping baby's gentle breathing is one of life's most calming pleasures. The business of day-to-day life slips away, leaving the pure peace of simply being in the moment. Such tranquility is a precious commodity, and just one of the joys of bringing home Ashton-Drake's beautiful breathing baby dolls. Our collectible dolls are renowned for their unmatched quality, creativity and realism, and our breathing baby dolls give you all that and more. Each of these remarkable baby dolls has a special mechanism that creates the sweet movement of breathing and enriches interaction with your beautiful baby doll. Imagine the lovely experience of holding a baby doll so lifelike that that you can see and feel its little tummy moving up and down with each silent, peaceful breath. And every gentle movement is perfectly complemented by the incredible sculpting, superb-quality materials, and handcraftsmanship that goes into your baby doll, from the soft hand-rooted hair on their head to their perfect little toenails and their custom-designed outfit. These extraordinary dolls are even poseable and proportionally weighted so they really do feel like an actual baby in your arms. This is a great time to meet all our irresistibly lovable baby dolls, so don't wait. Shop Now!