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Sleeping Baby Dolls Are Especially Sweet and Comforting

What makes the collectible dolls at Ashton-Drake so special? Just hold a baby doll in your arms, for instance, and you'll experience all the ways in which our dolls are such a treat for collectors. You're sure to delight at their proportionately weighted bodies which makes them feel like real babies in your arms, their hand-rooted hair which is soft to the touch (and sets our craftsmanship and quality apart!), and their hand-painted features that give them loads of sweet personality. And If you get special joy out of watching a sweet baby catching some Zzz's, our sleeping baby dolls are a real dream come true!

Each adorable sleeping baby doll is ready for a nap and some snuggle time with their favorite cuddle buddy - you! Baby doll Rosie is a vision in pink dressed in a long-sleeved nightgown with a floral headband; her eyes have fluttered close as she sleeps gently swaddled in a cozy blanket with pink cabbage roses. Twin baby dolls Jada and Jayden are dressed in soft sleepers that highlight their individual personalities, and they're comfortably nestled together in their cozy baby bunting with fleece lining. And little Katie is ready for a "cat-nap" dressed in her kitten-themed ensemble that includes a pink velour sleeper and a pair of fleece booties. These are just a few of our many premium quality sleeping baby dolls that you can find on our site. Whether fast asleep or wide awake and ready to play, all our baby dolls are just waiting to be discovered and loved by you. Don’t wait to spend some time with our cuties and Shop Now!