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Baby Dolls
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Silicone Baby Dolls Bring You an Ultra-Real Feel

Here at Ashton-Drake, we believe you deserve only the very best. That's why we work with the most talented artists, using the finest materials and innovative technology to craft our collectible dolls. So if you're looking for silicone baby dolls of the highest quality, you've come to the right place.

Why choose silicone? The difference between silicone and vinyl baby dolls is all in the touch. Our TrueTouch™ authentic silicone has a suppleness that lends a sense of "giving" with every caress. This gives you an incredibly lifelike feel with the cuddly flexibility of a real baby. As anyone who has held a baby doll with silicone skin can attest - it's an investment worth making!

Choose from our premier selection of authentic silicone sweeties to see for yourself. The realistic sensation of their skin is just the beginning. Like all our baby dolls, they are premium-quality collectibles with features like weighted poseable bodies, hand-painted skin, hand-rooted hair and adorable ensembles. Discover creations by acclaimed Master Doll Artists like Linda Murray, Cheryl Hill, Violet Parker, Marissa May and more. They are sure to capture your heart from the moment you hold them. So don't wait to discover the joy of our authentic silicone baby dolls. Shop Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ashton-Drake genuine silicone baby dolls are expertly crafted with our exclusive TrueTouch® authentic silicone, meant to provide you with the most lifelike experience. Each of our TrueTouch® authentic silicone dolls offers the experience of holding a real baby in your arms, with a unique "giving" feel in every special caress.

While it is not recommended that you fully submerge one of our TrueTouch® authentic silicone dolls in the water, you can safely "bathe" them. Just wipe them until clean with a damp washcloth and make sure you give them a thorough drying after their bath.

While our exclusive TrueTouch® authentic silicone and RealTouch® vinyl are both used to create baby dolls that will provide you with the most realistic experience, they do have different properties. Our TrueTouch® authentic silicone dolls look and feel exceptionally lifelike and offer softer features. They are also more limber than vinyl baby dolls.

However, when you hold one of our Ashton-Drake baby dolls in your arms - including both TrueTouch® authentic silicone baby dolls and RealTouch® vinyl baby dolls - we are certain that the softness of their skin and the way they feel in your arms is nothing like you have experienced before, with the exception of holding an actual baby.

All of our TrueTouch® authentic silicone baby dolls are rigorously tested for quality assurance, so by the time they arrive to your home, you can rest assured they are completely safe. However, these baby dolls are recommended for adult collectors and those ages 14 and up. If you are looking for toy dolls and dolls for children, you can find them as part of our So Truly Mine® and Tiny Miracles collections. We also offer several baby dolls that have been safety tested for ages 6 and up.

Our TrueTouch® authentic silicone dolls are not recommended for young children, but for adult collectors and those ages 14 and up. We do offer a line of dolls created for kids ages 3 and up. These can be shopped from our So Truly Mine® and Tiny Miracles collections.

Our TrueTouch® authentic silicone baby dolls are soft and squishy just like a real baby. For this reason, you will need to be gentle with your silicone doll. You might want to treat your silicone baby doll just like a real baby. Keep harsh chemicals away from their delicate skin, avoid extreme temperatures and keep them away from pets. Be careful when unboxing your new baby doll. Be sure to remove them from their box gently and do not pull on the limbs or tug them out of the box. Wipe them carefully with a lint cloth or a soft damp cloth if their arms or legs pick up fuzz. Treat your silicone baby dolls with tender loving care and they are sure to be a favorite part of your day for many years to come.