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1 - 34 of 34 items
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Boy Baby Dolls Warm Your Heart with Endless Charm

It’s a boy! As we all know, little boys are adorable in so many ways, but we love them because they are so charming and sweet! Here at Ashton-Drake, all our collectible dolls have a way of capturing the heart with their expert craftsmanship and quality that is unparalleled. And with their handsome faces and boyish charms, each of our boy baby dolls makes an excellent addition to any doll collection. Once you hold one in your arms, you'll see just how special they truly are! Each boy baby doll is meticulously handcrafted and proportionately weighted from head to toe so when you hold him, he feels just like a real baby. Hand-painted features and hand-rooted hair are distinctive touches that add lifelikeness and realism to many of our boy baby dolls. Plus, these little guys are dressed in adorable custom-designed, custom-crafted ensembles that reflect their personality and are hand-tailored for a perfect fit. Some even arrive with custom, cozy blankets and buntings, so they're always ready for snuggle time with you. These boys are simply perfect from head to toe! And once you find the perfect boy baby dolls, check out entire selection of collectible baby dolls to find more sweet bundles of joy! Shop Now!