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Monkey Dolls: Go Bananas Over These Lifelike Cuties

Ashton-Drake is a wonderful place to shop for collectible baby dolls, cultural dolls, fantasy dolls, portrait dolls, sports dolls and child dolls, but did you know we offer adorable monkey dolls, too? Featuring the work of talented Master Doll Artists like Linda Murray, Cindy Sales and Simon Laurens, our wide selection of monkey dolls showcase a wealth of expressions, from perfectly precious poses to fun and zany antics that are simply "bananas". Are you ready to monkey around with us?

We are proud to introduce you to Bobo and Coco, fully poseable boy and girl baby monkey dolls by Linda Murray. These sweet little bundles of joy are so lifelike, down to the tiny wrinkles in their hands and feet, they are sure to melt your heart. From their hand-applied baby-fine hair to their terrycloth diapers and removable pacifier, Bobo and Coco will love being cradled in your arms. Then, after making their acquaintance, you will be pleased to meet Little Umi, a baby orangutan doll and Mollie, an orangutan toddler doll always ready to put a smile on your face. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Little Umi will be donated to rainforest preservation! These are just a few of the wonderful monkey dolls we have waiting for you to discover.

Monkey Dolls Are Perfect to Go Wild For

As always, we will continue to bring you monkey dolls and other beautiful collectible dolls that are unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship. And don't forget that all of our collectible dolls are backed by the best guarantee in the business - up to 365 days and free return shipping - so you can easily shop with confidence. Don't wait to find the bundle of joy that feels perfect in your arms, whether it's a baby doll or a monkey baby doll! Shop Now!