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TrueTouch® Authentic Silicone Dolls Create Lifelike Experiences

The world of collectible dolls is certainly broad, but few have strived for excellence like Ashton-Drake. For over 30 years, our dedication to quality and craft has delivered the best in baby dolls, fashion dolls, interactive dolls, toddler dolls and more, showcasing the most lifelike bundles of joy in the marketplace today.

Some of our most sought-after dolls are our TrueTouch® authentic silicone dolls. That's because these unique wonders provide an unparalleled lifelike experience for those lucky enough to adopt one as their own. Our TrueTouch® authentic silicone dolls lend the distinctive feel of "giving" with every caress, making you feel as if you are holding a real baby in your arms.

And not only is the experience with our silicone dolls so incredible, the cost of these dolls to you is just as incredible. Compared to many silicone reborn dolls in the marketplace priced in the thousands, our authentic silicone dolls offer a great value.

In addition to our TrueTouch® authentic silicone dolls, we offer a wide selection of realistic vinyl dolls as well. Our RealTouch® vinyl is our custom-made vinyl blend created exclusively for our So Truly Real® dolls. It is what gives each of our little ones their soft, skin-like quality. You have to feel it to believe it!

Have a little visit with all of our cuddly cuties today, including our authentic silicone baby dolls and more. Once one of these precious little ones ends up in your arms, you will never want to put them down. Shop Now!