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1 - 36 of 89 items
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Our Weighted Baby Dolls Feel Just Like a Real Baby in Your Arms

Something amazing happens when you hold a baby. Its weight seems to sink into your heart, bringing joy and happiness. And now that feeling can be yours every time you hold one of our irresistibly lifelike weighted baby dolls. Ashton-Drake collectible dolls are famous for their incomparable artistry and realism, and no detail is overlooked. Hold one of our weighted baby dolls in your arms and you're sure to be captivated by how perfectly the weight has been distributed, from head to toe. Whether you cradle your doll in the crook of an arm, lift it up for a playful bounce, or snuggle it close to your shoulder for a gentle rocking and lullaby, it's weight will feel just like that of a real baby, eager for more cuddles. And no matter which of our beautiful baby dolls you fall in love with, you can be assured of the finest sculpting and handcraftsmanship. Every hand-painted blush, every hand-rooted curl, and every darling custom-designed outfit comes together to bring your little one to life. Don't miss this chance to meet all our amazing baby dolls, each waiting for the perfect forever home. Shop Now!