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1 - 36 of 118 items
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Hand-Rooted Hair Baby Dolls Are Irresistible to the Very Last Curl

It's almost instinctive, that urge to cradle a baby in your arms and stroke the sweet, soft hair on its head. Whether it's silky fine or beautifully curly, light or dark, a baby's hair is simply precious. At Ashton-Drake we take so much time and care with all our collectible dolls that it only makes sense we would cherish every detail, and our baby dolls with hand-rooted hair are amazingly realistic, right down to the last hair on their darling little heads. Hours of skilled, painstaking craftsmanship go into capturing the look and feel of a real baby's hair as each delicate tuft of hair is carefully hand-applied. No machine sewn strips of hair here! It's easy to feel the difference from the very first caress of each baby doll's locks. Combined with the lifelike beauty of each doll's expertly sculpted and hand-painted features, superior quality materials including RealTouch® vinyl and TrueTouch® authentic silicone, poseable and carefully weighted bodies, and custom-designed outfits, the wondrous realism our hand-rooted hair baby dolls is simply unmatched. Don't wait to discover the joy of all our gorgeous baby dolls, Shop Now!