Supply Chain

Ashton-Drake strives to enrich the lives of its customers, employees and Supply Chain partners. We aim to develop and market a variety of inspired, unique, and highly valued programs, products and services that resonate with their interests and passions. All the while, we recognize the challenge of the workplace environment.


Ashton-Drake is committed to the identification and elimination of all types of forced labor and human-trafficking within its supply chain providers. We are committed to improving labor practices, and we endeavor to achieve fair, safe and healthy work-place conditions not only in our Supply Chain, but in our worldwide corporate offices.

Supply Chain Verification

Ashton-Drake utilizes a Factory Profile tool to evaluate potential factories. The Factory Profile tool and on-site visits by Ashton-Drake employees, together with engagement of third party auditing, is mandatory for acceptance of a factory into our Supply Chain. Continued monitoring to ensure adherence to the Ashton-Drake Code of Conduct is mandatory.

Continued Monitoring

Once a factory is approved to the Ashton-Drake Supply Chain, the factory commits to:

  • On-going monitoring by Ashton-Drake employees and third party auditors;
  • An on-going commitment to improve conditions and internal systems to support the Code of Conduct; and
  • Resolve any identified gaps between workplace standards and the Code of Conduct.

Ashton-Drake's on-going training is built on the learning’s from previous years.

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