Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls Touch Your Heart with Amazing Realism

If you love the gentle joy that a baby brings into everyone's lives, The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online is where you'll want to spend some quality time, taking in the outstanding variety of realistic baby dolls we offer for your own collection or as memorable gifts for a doll lover. It's just a matter of time until you find the perfect little one - or more than one - that "speaks" to you and is welcomed into your home with love. Our collectible baby dolls have won dozens of doll industry awards because they are wondrously artistic recreations of real babies from award-winning artists such as Linda Webb, Waltraud Hanl, Cheryl Hill, Dorothy Steven and many more. Our exclusive So Truly Real® dolls, Tiny Miracles™ dolls and Heavenly Handfuls dolls are amazingly realistic baby dolls ranging in size from just 5 inches to 24 inches, and every precious baby detail is there to enjoy, no matter what their size.

The world of Disney offers very special inspiration to our leading baby-doll artists, who have created Disney baby dolls that capture the spirit of so many favorite Disney characters as seen through the eyes of babies. Whether it's a chubby little Cinderella, a winsome Winnie the Pooh baby, or a precious Baby Pluto doll, each lovable little one has custom-designed costuming and accessories to make each Disney baby doll a collector's dream come true. And while everyone loves baby girls, you just can't overlook the adorable boy dolls that we offer here; each one would love to come home soon with you. These little guys are wonderfully sculpted, some are anatomically correct, and all of them are loaded with personality that makes them a real standout in any doll collection. Speaking of standouts, the vinyl baby dolls you'll discover when you visit us can be everything from adorably cuddly to breathtakingly beautiful, like the stunning 32" sweetheart from artists Linda Rick and Diane Buck, a real tour de force of the dollmakers' art. In the world of collectible baby dolls there's something for everyone and a doll gift will always be appreciated, so be sure to find your favorites and Shop Now!

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