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Our 10" Lifelike Baby Dolls Are Tiny Miracles with Big Charm

They say good things come in small packages, and our collectible Tiny Miracles baby dolls are proof that extraordinary blessings come in itty-bitty bundles of joy. These darling little charmers, part of Ashton-Drake's exclusive So Truly Real realistic baby doll line, pack a lot of heartwarming charm into 10" of amazingly lifelike sculpting. Created by renowned Master Doll Artists like Cheryl Hill and Linda Webb, these petite newborn dolls are handcrafted of soft vinyl that's incredibly soft to the touch. The dolls' bright expressive features are lovingly hand-painted to capture each little cutie's one-of-a-kind personality. Whether it's Cindy McClure's endearing seated girl doll with her precious little pout, or Lorna Miller-Sands' African-American sleeping boy doll that you'll love to snuggle in your hand, you'll discover an extensive selection of irresistibly tiny lifelike baby dolls waiting to win your heart here at The Ashton-Drake Galleries Online.

Loveably Little Baby Dolls Benefit Breast Cancer Research and More

Perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand, our amazingly realistic Tiny Miracles baby dolls are amazingly realistic little handfuls of love. From baby-fine micro-rooted hair to teeny little fingernails and toenails, there's so much to love about each one. This is especially true when you pick one of our collectible dolls that benefit a meaningful cause, like a pretty-in-pink sweetheart that supports breast cancer research, and a petite God's Miracle newborn by artist Donna Lee that contributes to Newborns in Need. You'll discover a wide array of adorably little vinyl baby dolls, including several that recreate a baby's gentle breathing, a Native American-inspired newborn doll, and even a doll holding a teddy bear that lets you record your own personal message. Plus, our holiday-themed lifelike newborn dolls, dressed up in adorable costumes, make great gifts. Invite one of these darling miracles into your life today. Shop now!

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