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Baby Dolls
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Discover the Incredible Realism of So Truly Real® Baby Dolls

Whether it's the heart-melting tenderness of a teary-eyed infant girl or the wonder of a newborn chimp, there's nothing more precious than meeting a new baby. Among the myriad collectible dolls available here at Ashton-Drake, you'll discover an exciting selection of baby dolls that are so lifelike they'll take your breath away. Our incredibly realistic So Truly Real® dolls are created by the world's premiere doll artists, acclaimed for their ability to sculpt the most delicate details and endearing features. Every one of these exclusive baby dolls is expertly handcrafted to recreate the tiniest details of the artist's original sculpture. From Linda Webb's sweetly sleeping Charlie doll that's weighted to feel just like a real newborn in your arms, to an award-winning poseable baby orangutan that just begs to be cuddled, our diverse selection of lifelike baby dolls will melt your heart in endlessly charming ways.

Enjoy Lifelike Interactions with Touch-Activated Baby Dolls

With realistic features like baby-soft RealTouch® vinyl skin and delicate hand-applied eyelashes, all of our So Truly Real® dolls will astonish you with their detailed realism. You'll also find innovative features like our groundbreaking Hold That Pose!™ technology and baby dolls that simulate a newborn's heartbeat and breathing. Nowhere else can you find collectible baby dolls that imitate life more truly than our touch-activated So Truly Real® dolls, like Linda Murray's baby girl doll that wiggles her feet when you tickle her toes. Recreating those special moments when a baby first responds to your touch with a giggle, a squeeze, or a trusting look, our touch-activated baby dolls let you enjoy tender-hearted interactions over and over again. With so many astonishingly lifelike dolls to fall in love with, you're sure to meet the baby doll of your dreams here at Ashton-Drake. Shop now!