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Baby Dolls
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So Truly Real® Baby Dolls Steal Hearts with Lifelike Charm

The perfect baby doll is a joy, and at Ashton-Drake there's a lot of joy that goes into creating every perfect baby doll. Renowned for our collectible dolls, we take great pride in bringing you the very finest artistry and quality, brought to life in each doll's unique character and personality, and our So Truly Real® dolls are unmatched in their remarkably lifelike features. World-acclaimed Master Doll Artists capture the tiniest details, from a crinkle in the corner of a sparkling eye and the sweetest of baby grins, to the delicate creases of every precious finger and toe, and it is all perfectly captured in our exclusive, irresistibly soft RealTouch® vinyl. Painstakingly hand-rooted hair, poseable and proportionally weighted bodies, even custom-designed outfits; it all comes together to deliver baby dolls that feel just like real babies in your arms. Whether you long for So Truly Real® baby girl dolls or baby boy dolls, you can rest assured your heart will be completely captivated. Don't wait to find your perfect baby dolls. Shop Now!

Baby Dolls
So Truly Real